Birthstone Ring Meanings -Part 1

Every month has one gemstone that is associated solely with it. Because they are so personal, birthstone rings have become cherished items. They can come as single personal birthstone rings, couple’s rings (which contain the individual stones of the two people in a relationship) and mother and father rings, which contain one gemstone for each child the person has. In recent year’s the mother’s ring has extended its reach and grandmothers are now often seen with rings bearing the birthstones of their grandchildren.

Below I will cover the individual meanings often associated with each birthstone. This article covers the first six months of the year, January through June. Part two will contain the second half of the year, July through December.

January – Garnet – the gem of faith and truth; protects from poisons, thought to stop bleeding, cure sickness of the blood and infections.

February – Amethyst – aids soldiers in battle, control evil thoughts, helps hunters to catch animals, and helps the owner be good in business.

March – Aquamarine – sailors used aquamarine to gemstones to keep them safe and to prevent seasickness. It gives the wearer courage, foresight and courage

April – Diamond – Symbol of strength, courage, and invincibility. It is the ultimate gift of love. In 1477 Archduke Maxmillian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring, thus starting the tradition of diamonds being given as engagement rings.

May – Emerald – Sharpened the wearer’s eyesight and mind. Travelers used them as protection against the hazards of long trips. The green color is said to give the owner power to predict the future.

June – Pearl – Freshwater pearls give the power of love, money, protection, and luck. It is said they give provide wisdom through experience and protect children from harm.

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