Little Switzerland Jewelry

Little Switzerland Jewelry

Little Switzerland is a corporation whose main business is the operation of leading specialty and upscale stores, mostly duty-free, that sells crystals, china, watches, jewelry, and other gift items. It is the most relied upon duty free seller in Key West, Alaska, and the Caribbean, establishing a trusted name for fifty years.

Little Switzerland jewelry is one of the most sought after collections from among their wide array of designer products. Among some of their famous brands of Little Switzerland jewelry include Aaron Basha, Antonini Milano, Casa Gi, Chimento, Di Modolo Milano, John Hardy, Lagos, Oliva, Roberto Coin, Tabbouche, Temple St Clair, Tiffany & Co., Waskoll, and Yvel.

Aaron Basha
One of the famous brands carried by Little Switzerland jewelry, Aaron Basha line of jewelry shines brightly with its constellation of jeweled baby shoes, ladybugs, and other exquisite jewelry guaranteed to stun the sparkle lovers.

A renowned Italian-made jewelry name for forty years, Chimento dazzles with its unique jewelry designs to fit that taste of elegance and sophistication that has made it one of the most famous brands in the jewelry industry.

John Hardy
John Hardy jewelry has been famous for its many-sided character and exacting fine craftsmanship, from master pieces of silver, gold, diamonds, and other gemstones, the jewelry are great works of art that portrays grace and sophistication.

This special jewelry brand carried by Little Switzerland jewelry, features creativity and expertise in their remarkable jewelry collection, with concept of modern jewelry anchored with pure jewelry tradition. Waskoll is one of the few names recognized in the jewelry industry for its stunning and gorgeous conception of sparklers.

This world recognized jewelry brand puts forward high-end jewelry creations that feature pearls, and high quality level of artistry and materials. Yvel also facets exclusive and uniquely designed creations obtainable from its finest distributor stores such as Little Switzerland.

These are just some of the superb brands that Little Switzerland jewelry holds within its twenty-two stores that displays the most desired gathering of the world’s celebrated designer names in watches, crystal, accessories, china, and of course jewelry.

Little Switzerland is not only known for its excellent items, but its outstanding customer service as well, making shopping very irresistible for tourists year round. Its locations in the most touristed places in the world such as the Caribbean, Alaska, and Key West makes purchasing Little Switzerland jewelry and other gift items a “must” and a “mark”, widely accepted as “have been there”.

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